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June 23 2017

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June 22 2017

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Russian fidget spinner.
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June 21 2017

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nothing is permanent, the art of letting go

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June 14 2017

... and I am funky
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June 12 2017

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artificial intelligence trolley problem
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June 10 2017

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June 09 2017

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June 08 2017

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June 07 2017

Three-Dimensional Landscapes Formed with Layered Acrylic Photographs by Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi creates sculptural works that attempt to preserve a singular moment in the natural word, capturing deeply pigmented sunsets and brightly-lit forests in a series he’s titled Layer Drawings. To produce the three-dimensional installations, Nakanishi first photographs an environment over a period of time. He then mounts selected images from his documentation on panels of acrylic in chronological order, allowing slight variation from frame to frame.

“We are all subject to the passing of time, yet each of us feels and perceives it in our own way,” says Nakaniski, “Time itself has no shape or boundary and cannot be fixed or grasped. When we look at the photographs in these sculptures, we attempt to fill in the gaps between the individual images. We draw from our physical experiences to fill in missing time and space, both ephemeral and vague. In this series, I attempt to depict time and space as sensations shared by both viewer and artist.”

Nakaniski is represented by Kashya Hildebrand in London. You can see more of his layered works on his website. (via Tu Recepcja)

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